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  Ideo Technologies

Ideo Technologies is a privately held company. It designs SweetDEV Solutions line of products, including a J2EE Framework, SweetDEV Framework, a Web application development environment, SweetDEV Studio and an Ajax components library, SweetDEV RIA.

SweetDEV helps companies to reduce time and effort to build enterprise J2EE applications in a more efficient manner. The SweetDEV technology is used by hundred of developers worldwide in various companies.

Ideo Technologies participated to EclipseCon 2006.

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  SweetDEV™ Solutions
SweetDEV™ Studio

Integrated Developement Environnement Eclipse plugin for Web application - Try SweetDEV Studio 1.0

New release with support of JSF, Hibernate, EJB 3.0

Ajax components for Rich Internet Applications - Discover SweetDEV RIA