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SweetDEV Solutions

  Components and tools for Web development

SweetDEV Solutions is a suite of 3 products to develop faster and smarter thin client,Java-based, Web applications.

SweetDEV Solutions is combining open technology, open source and commercial software to help developpers in the implementation of the new Web 2.0 user interfaces or in the more classical Struts or JSF frameworks.

SweetDEV Studio is an Eclipse-based Web Integrated Development Environnement Web designs for creating sophisticated web and enterprise applications. It comes fully equipped with powerful visual programming tools that being integrated with Eclipse provide you with the full set of capabilities you need. SweetDEV Studio supports and guides developers for both existing and new Web applications.

SweetDEV RIA is an Ajax components library. AJAX is emerging as a technology for delivering rich, high-performance user interfaces applications. SweetDEV RIA provides more than 10 components such as Grid, modal window, Multi-combo, Treeview or Portlets...

SweetDEV Framework is a Struts-based J2ee framework. Embedded in SweetDEV Studio for no additional cost, it enables teams to develop faster and easier Web applications. In order to satisfy these demands, SweetDEV Framework offers advanced components and services which quickly make your teams autonomous and productive.